World Reviews

Screeps World Review Q2 2017

The world that seemed endless and almost about to expand again, gained its borders with a planned shards update. Now those close to Highway 100 have a full right to say they live at the edge of the world. Let’s capture a snap of the colonies in their current state before the world gets divided into “continents” and the map changes unpredictably. While few players will take the risk to respawn into a brave new world, we believe many owners of a high GCL will decide to start their branches in a new shard for defense or profit.

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Screeps World Review Q1 2017

Screeps has been in the process of total reorganization lately. We’ve just launched our revamped game documentation and the blog where you’re now (the new forum engine is coming). We are reorganizing our team, and 2 new members joined us: a designer and a developer (they will be introduced later). We’re rebuilding the client graphic code from scratch using the PixiJS engine to optimize performance and bring the game graphics to a completely new level of quality. And the main revamp, server-side, is expected to be announced soon. It will have to do with official game servers and will introduce a radically new approach to expansion of the game world which will help solve the issue of slow tick duration.

Unfortunately, all this reorganization work affected our Screeps World Reviews. Starting this month, they will be published quarterly. Writing them every month took the time that we now want to invest in the game development itself.

The anniversary three-digit perimeter W100N100-E100S100 was opened recently. So let’s make a snapshot of our mega-labyrinth containing over 90k creeps:

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Screeps World Review, February 2017

There have been no significant mechanics changes recently in the game. And this could be useful: it allows players to fix some bugs, do some refactoring, etc. For those who still plan spring cleaning in your code and memory, we advise to hurry because the long-awaited Power Creeps are just around the corner! We invite all of you to take part in the discussion. The better our collective mind understands all the details of the concept, the more reliable it will be. And if you’ve been sleeping and never collected a single unit of power, don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on the banks on your territory! 

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Screeps World Review, January 2017

The last year was dubbed by the Chinese the year of the monkey, but we hope you were not a code monkey but took on developing your code architecture in a smart and far-sighted way. To make sure you really did, ask yourself a number of questions:

  • Is my creep factory flexible enough
  • How convenient is developing a new room
  • Can my creeps travel long distances without going astray
  • Do I have a well-thought defense against a possible blitzkrieg
  • Is my army ready for a counterattack to protect my interests and alliance
  • How balanced is my resource mining and trade

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Screeps World Review, December 2016

Screeps gets hot! If you managed to get bored, you’re probably doing something wrong. Thousands of players, 8 layers of world map perimeter, portals for long-range transportation, countless minor scuffles and major battles across alliances, free market, instant messaging between players in personal and shared chats… Cheer up your allies, Screeps has much more in store!

Time in Screeps flows slower than your watch, but we hope you won’t notice it when playing. Let’s make a snapshot of our world today to better assess our future progress, look back, and smile:

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Screeps World Review, November 2016

The race for ratings, resources, territory, and influence goes on and now embraces 170+ sectors. A recent remarkable event was the emergence of parallel universes on Private servers. For example, a nice company gathered on ags131's server. So it's quite possible that our reviews will reflect this and include stories from various interesting places. But now let's focus on our good old world that is cozy for some (if you're lucky with your neighbors and diplomacy), but dangerous to others (if you're keen on making noise). Everything is up to you!

We always try to strike a balance that will both allow newcomers to survive and let veterans develop in a fair way. The majority of players look like sand grains or spots, and if you look through the eyes of LoAN, you'll see quarters. Of course all of them are programmers and colleagues.

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Screeps World Review, October 2016

The trend of the month has been the deepening of market relationships and forming alliances of players. Of course, this boosts both conquers as well as market cooperation.

Let’s make a snapshot of the brave new world that will soon become history and birthplace for a new generation of AI. Its width today is equivalent to 5 creep lives on foot without portals:

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Screeps World Review, September 2016

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the Screeps MMO world.

So, our market is opening its floodgates, and all the miners, chemists, speculators, and shopaholics of all sorts have finally found each other to embrace the craze of spontaneous and unconstrained shopping spree! Want those “60 days of CPU subscription”? Sure, grab them for just 3M! Still have no time to harvest some power? But hey, look at that shining one on the shelf for just 20! And, oh boy, there’s a ton of goodness for 20… 

As we all know, money is power, and some players have started saving credits for the future, while others rushed to buy valuable lots. Currently we’re seeing 100–900 deals between players in an hour with the total cash turnover at 100K–600K credits an hour (less the buying of resources on NPC orders). 

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