Screeps IDE alpha release

This is an early alpha release of our new open source project: Screeps IDE. It’s a package for Atom editor which will become our officially recommended way to code for Screeps in the future.

In this first iteration we’re going to reimplement the same basic functionality from the in-game client IDE:

  • Code editor with game API autocomplete;
  • Console;
  • Memory viewer/editor;
  • Local project files synchronization.

During further development we will be adding more features to it, for example official TypeScript and folders support.

How to get started:

  1. Install Atom.
  2. Install screeps-ide package.
  3. Configure your IDE according to the instructions at the Welcome screen.

Since this is still an early unstable alpha, the UI is not fully polished and many bugs are expected. Please report any issues and give feedback on the project page on GitHub.