Screeps World Review, October 2016

The trend of the month has been the deepening of market relationships and forming alliances of players. Of course, this boosts both conquers as well as market cooperation.

Let’s make a snapshot of the brave new world that will soon become history and birthplace for a new generation of AI. Its width today is equivalent to 5 creep lives on foot without portals:

While room decorations are still in development, our artists players themselves perform spectacularly well from orbit by actively using walls:

bonzaiferroni has set the new world record in ER: 625M. With GCL22, that seems close to impossible! The previous record was set by Hernanduer in February 2016. He managed to improve his record in this season too from 557M to 578M.

Hernandeur hits home runs season after season in the “red gold” category, the last month being no exception:

Remco, bldinator, Zortea, Wurmus, Revrick, and n0ne have joined the race for power. New players though have an issue with power: they need at least a level 8 room to absorb it. If they’ve grabbed it, it doesn’t mean yet they can use it. But fortunately enough, there is a market today to sell output and keep the mining technology.

A month has passed since the mineral balance changed (see changelog 2016-09-26). Let’s see which goods have gained traction since then. Here is the total purchase chart:

stuff total amount, K best buyer player amount, K
24282 AzuraStar 4806
18755 Dissi 6201
14809 Dhakos 3330
11778 Dissi 4280
11392 Hernanduer 4669
4701 Dissi 2279
3525 stybbe 546
2972 Dissi 274
2811 Suppen 628
2485 Reini 808
1929 AzuraStar 394
1757 Remco 318
1728 backseat 1504
1652 DarkTrooper7 340
1295 daboross 433
1016 Zergling 608
918 dog 300
652 Dissi 216
366 Rajecz 118
348 Zergling 316
346 0xDEADFEED 125
184 0xDEADFEED 130
131 DomNomNom 89
112 DomNomNom 75
111 Bleem 53
84 Remco 64
81 DomNomNom 81
72 Zortea 42
57 DomNomNom 57
49 Forgo 25
22 Remco 22
15 Forgo 15
13 Mayumi 13
8 SteeleR 8
8 Mayumi 4
3 Mayumi 3
2 ricane 2

* Deals higher than 100 credits per unit were excluded from the chart (token and credit transfers).

A group of volunteers led by tedivm unveiled a curious project: a service to create player alliances Previously, there was only one way to recognize an alliance: by a common badge color. But now we’re seeing an explosion of coalitions thanks to a centralized index:

In our two previous reviews, we already mentioned the “Screeps United Nations” a group that’s increasingly gaining momentum. This is the most numerous fellowship of players (15 members) so far: a well thought-out statute and active recruiting do the job. It looks like only another alliance’s border can stop them from growing even larger. And now there is such a containing alliance in the South West with the same name, “Southwestern Alliance” with top players like Hernanduer and stybbe:

Also, very impressive is the alliance of central and North-Eastern parts, “The Culture”. It could be the most powerful one, looking at its ranks: Dissi, NhanHo, DarkTrooper7, Bovius, that is 4 out of ER Top 10. Plus, certainly, tedivm himself and others. We think the whole world has nothing to stop such a rally of behemoths.

Even if only you and your neighbor are cooperating, your alliance is perfectly legitimate, so step out of shadow and join the geography of commonwealths.

Another interesting news is the appearance of the Slack channel #thewarpath that watches all clashes live and a twitter ScreepsObserver. They let you witness interesting battles first-hand. As for our video of the month, here is a piece of how SUN secures his territory by completely wiping out Romus, who nevertheless staged a very clever resistance.