Screeps World Review, November 2016

The race for ratings, resources, territory, and influence goes on and now embraces 170+ sectors. A recent remarkable event was the emergence of parallel universes on Private servers. For example, a nice company gathered on ags131's server. So it's quite possible that our reviews will reflect this and include stories from various interesting places. But now let's focus on our good old world that is cozy for some (if you're lucky with your neighbors and diplomacy), but dangerous to others (if you're keen on making noise). Everything is up to you!

We always try to strike a balance that will both allow newcomers to survive and let veterans develop in a fair way. The majority of players look like sand grains or spots, and if you look through the eyes of LoAN, you'll see quarters. Of course all of them are programmers and colleagues.

The introduction of wall art in the previous review motivated our players to create a few more black-on-gray paintings. If you invite your friends into the game, now you know the addresses of our attractions:

The winner of the nomination "the busiest artist" is Bovius who created a gallery of horns:

and this amazing work:

bonzaiferroni beat his own September record in ER and increased both his own and the world record from 625M to 655M! And it might not be the end. The PR Top shows considerable progress of new power players Zortea and Jibboo.

The world has enough vacant rooms, and portals allow to jump anywhere, but it's always a pleasure to capture an entire (or almost entire) sector for the purposes of defense and mineral sovereignty. Let's check the Emperors Rating:

# Player Sector Room score * Sector control
1 Hernanduer W5S15 221 89%
2 Rajecz W25N25 209 100%
3 DarkTrooper7 E15N5 204 68%
4 Dissi E5N15 192 91%
5 Esryok W55S5 164 100%
6 Revrick W15N35 162 76%
7 Lomewilwarin E55S55 145 85%
8 Mototroller W5N15 144 63%
9 zuphrany W15S5 143 75%
10 Vultured W55N15 130 67%
11 ScottyC W55N45 127 63%
12 Skorp E15S15 123 85%
13 Zergling W15S25 122 65%
14 ART999 E15N35 122 56%
15 Del W35N5 121 56%
16 Wurmus E45N35 120 78%
17 claptan E5S35 119 49%
18 R33T4RD E15S45 114 60%
19 bekvon W35N45 114 53%
20 Puciek E35S35 113 49%
21 AzuraStar W5S5 110 57%
22 p0x E25N55 109 51%
23 maka_RTH W35S15 108 57%
24 Zortea E35N55 107 86%
25 stybbe W25S15 104 51%

* Room score = total RCL + reservations * 2

We are glad to welcome those who re-joined our company after a long absence:

  • DewJunkie used to hold top positions, but a year has passed after the last tick of his move. How does it feel to adapt a year-long code to the current situation? We wish him and other players in the same situation good luck.
  • It could be said that Toolmaker hasn't played at all – his experience was limited to the Early Preview. Welcome to a world full of adventure!
  • You might remember players that could be your neighbors: Dunner, CarrotCake, omgbear, livingcode, krokiet81… They already left a trace in history and now start a second lap.

Remember that you can play on Steam for free with 10 CPU. So you don't have to polish your code too long before the respawn. The game is autonomous, and while you're spending months pondering if it's worth resuming the game, your GCL is not growing. And GCL is something you can't buy either for money, credits, barter, anything.

The SUN alliance is hungry for valor. The above-shown SUN|SWA border reveals a gap between the two alliances, and this puts a pressure on the players in the region who haven't decided whom to join yet. This pressure is the theme of our video of the month: