Screeps World Review, September 2016

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the Screeps MMO world.

So, our market is opening its floodgates, and all the miners, chemists, speculators, and shopaholics of all sorts have finally found each other to embrace the craze of spontaneous and unconstrained shopping spree! Want those “60 days of CPU subscription”? Sure, grab them for just 3M! Still have no time to harvest some power? But hey, look at that shining one on the shelf for just 20! And, oh boy, there’s a ton of goodness for 20… 

As we all know, money is power, and some players have started saving credits for the future, while others rushed to buy valuable lots. Currently we’re seeing 100–900 deals between players in an hour with the total cash turnover at 100K–600K credits an hour (less the buying of resources on NPC orders). 

 We highlight trade leaders who started gaining their turnovers (sell+buy) from day one: 

  1 Dissi
  2 NihilRex
  3 SteeleR
  4 Zergling
  5 AzuraStar
  6 Camedo
  7 Waveofbabies
  8 Mototroller
  9 Bovius
10 Reini
11 bonzaiferroni
12 NhanHo
13 WarInternal
14 Remco
15 TooAngel

We have received a satellite image, and you can once again ascertain that the Earth is flat. Its corners have little to no vacant space remaining which forebodes the soon coming of a new perimeter. Many of you who have enjoyed living humbly on the border will find themselves in the thick of things. Get ready! 

It’s been a year that we’re showing you ER charts from danny to illustrate the dynamics of the struggle for dominance. But the chart got frozen on August 23 due to some unknown reason. The last month’s top 10 coincides with the final ranking with the exception for the main revelation of this month: bonzaiferroni[18]. You can see how fast he started after August 18 to advance more and more with each day. The result? The 5th place and competing for gold in September after just 4 months of playing versus a year for other top players! 

Hernanduer[35] has always had stable first and second positions in our tops, but this time he outperformed himself and took two golds at the same time! In February 2016 Hernanduer was very close, but he made it just now. He’s now cool all around, the definite player number one in Screeps.

The power race has got some new life: ART999[13], stybbe[14], Bovius[11], hal[9] и Del[9]. The top is multi-page for the first time. Previously, all chris[11] had to do was do some processing, and his last place would quickly become the 6th. It’s a pity that we haven’t seen much of him in this month. He performed brilliantly, and we’re eager to see his comeback with renewed vigor. 

A young but already powerful coalition “Screeps United Nations” (SUN) grew almost two times, from total GCL 38 to 69 (Atavus[13], BlackLotus[10], Ashburnie[9], seancl[9], Tanjera[8], Moria[7], Atlan[7], Pantek59[6]). Since the “epidemic” broke out in the region where players had weak immunity, the virus could swallow up all the neighbors. But wouldn’t someone like to settle in their vicinity and join the team himself? It could be way funnier! One may be reluctant to redo his badge, but just have a look at the picture! Let’s count the blue-green spots: 1, 2, … 42…

And now, to warm you up before the battle video, here are a few funny things we've peeped: 

And here is the battle of the month: powerful Hernanduer versus the SUN leader. Using maximum creep boosts, Hernanduer staged a sweeping raid and siege, but Atavus was able to withstand it and, in his turn, launched a counter-attack that turned out to be so successful that the parties ended up settling disputes by diplomatic means. Watch one of the most interesting battles we've ever seen in Screeps!

We congratulate Hernanduer and Atavus with a great show! This video will now be featured on our Steam page as a gameplay demo.