Changelog 2015-05-13

  • Breaking change: Exit objects removed from the game. Now all non-wall border squares (i.e. with x or y equal to 0 or 49) are treated as exits.
  • Breaking change: Deprecated methods Game.getRoom, RoomPosition.findNearest and RoomPosition.equalsTo removed from the API.
  • Breaking change: All constants removed from the deprecated Game scope. Now they are accessible only through the global scope.
  • Added new error constants ERR_RCL_NOT_ENOUGH and ERR_GCL_NOT_ENOUGH.
  • Added new structure type constant STRUCTURE_CONTROLLER.
  • Added new properties Structure.level, Structure.progressTotal, Structure.ticksToLive.
  • Added new property Room.controller.
  • Added new methods Creep.claimController, Creep.unclaimController, Creep.upgradeController.
  • Healer creeps can now heal themselves.

Changelog 2015-04-07

Changelog 2015-03-01

Changelog 2015-01-11

  • TOUGH body part no longer requires a spawn extension. It is now possible to build a creep with up to 30 TOUGH parts without any extensions available.
  • Increased TOUGH body part cost from 5 to 20.
  • Increased wall hits amount from 2000 to 6000.