Important change: The same CPU subscription for everyone

This change will take effect on January 22, 2016.

Dear friends, serious changes coming. We decided to change the payment model and get rid of the CPU Credits system completely.

As many of you have noted, the CPU Limits/Credits system created some degree of inequality between different players and their abilities. This inequality was intended to satisfy CPU usage demands of various groups of players: newbies with a single room and veterans with vast empires. Now we believe that we finally know how to make the cost equal for all without losing the possibility to develop one’s colony.

In a short time, your CPU Limit will depend on your Global Control Level rather than money.

Each new player will be given a limit of 30 CPU. This limit will increase by 10 CPU upon achieving each new GCL, but not more than 300 CPU. After reaching this value, it will stop growing. For example, with GCL 10, your limit will be 120 CPU. It cannot be adjusted manually.

Not only this will tie the size of your empire and your computational needs to the available server resources, but it will also create a new in-game motivation for developing your Global Control Level.

It is of note though, that simply registering a new account gives just a minimum starting CPU amount, so abuse through registering multiple accounts will be seriously hindered.

Another important point: since you no longer pay for your CPU Limit, a new game time subscription equal for everyone will be introduced. The cost of subscription is as follows:

The Twitter Promo will continue, giving you 15 days of free playing, but without repeating each month.

All the current Credits will be recalculated into game time days based on Cr90 per day.

We hope the majority of you will like this new payment system that creates equal opportunities of development in the game.

UPD: Your Credits will not be converted into subscription automatically. You can use your Credits under the old scheme as long as you wish, and convert them into subscription days at any time using this page. New orders can be placed only under subscription.

UPD2: There is now the Steam version of the game which provides lifetime MMO access with 10 CPU limit.