Game situation review: January 2016

The last 2015 season is over. A new novice sector W15S5 has been opened where about 30 players either walk their first steps or were respawned. Previously (without the 3-room limit), under easy circumstances, very few players were able to capture the “green” sector, but now the adaptation became a real fun and with a company. Empty locations started emerging in the open world in the previously “green” zones: W15N15, W15S25, E25N15. If you feel lack of space in the novice sector with the 3-room limit, it is a good time to think about respawning to the main world.

Here is the current world snapshot:

In the last days of the season, the majority of NhanHo’s[22] rooms either slipped into a coma or were too slow upgrading the controller. As a result, he was displaced from the Expansion Rank 1st place by his all-time companion AzuraStar[22]. At the moment, their synchronous rise continues along the same lines as was seen in December.

Current chart link:

Hernanduer[20] has expanded his domain by creating bases in all 4 sectors adjoining his home. He is now by far the first in the new Power Rank: 4M versus 1-2M with others. In fact, he almost immediately set up routine mining when other players just started warming up.

Power is the new game aspect, and many still struggle with discovering and mining power banks. We expect the interest in them will reach a new level after new power creeps are added to the game. Until then, those players who already gather power points create a leg-up for themselves by the time of the launch.

The Power Rank sees the same leaders as the ER Rank, i.e. the energy is spread evenly except for Vision[13] who shifted the accent to power and ended up below the 40th place in ER Rank.
The progress is better seen on the power chart in the same way as ER:

Hernanduer is so actively collecting power that he got surplus of it. For example, there are more than 500k of power in W2S12.

Here are the top power storages: 

Players use virtually the same principle of power harvesting which is logically optimal: the attacking creep (ATTACK) and healing creeps (HEAL) ravage the bank while the carriers (CARRY) which already present on the spot pick up the power and carry it to the processing site. However, DarkTrooper7[20] merely destroys the banks by attacking them with RANGED_ATTACK+HEAL creeps. This is costlier but free of jams and allows to protect the bounty in case of any emergency.

Now check our video of the best battle of the season: chris[10] vs. Pascow[8].

The battle preceded the towers arrival. After they arrived, offence became more dangerous, logic more diverse. The key now is winning over the defending player on long energy expenses rather than just quickly storming his room. We will continue watching how these changes will affect future battles.