Game situation review: November 9, 2015

Over the last season a lot more space has opened up and with this new space came a new method to further protect new players. All newly opened sectors this season have had a temporary wall that allows new players a chance to settle down in the sector before more established colonizers from neighboring sectors arrive. Especially interesting is the sector W15S15 which became a border between a newly-discovered novice sector W15S25, the players who had initially settled it while it was still walled off, and the rest of the world.

Here’s the world as it looks now:

Currently, there are two novice sectors. The timer in W15N5 ends in 940k ticks (~24 days), the timer in E25N5 ends in 240k ticks (~6 days). Once these two sectors are up, a new novice sector will be opened.

Similar to September, the Expansion Rank leader in October is NhanHo[17], while DarkTrooper7[16] has quickly surpassed Hernanduer[16] just 3 days before the season end. He is now claiming the first position in November. Here are the October and the early November tops for comparison:

The progress dynamics is well seen on danny’s[10] chart:

The current chart link:

Hernanduer has seized the sector W5S15 almost entirely by erecting a well-thought infrastructure to mine all accessible sources. We already tweeted photos of advanced road networks. Now here is a comparison chart of roads of different players:

The season was marked by two challenges in CPU optimization (CPU cost, Memory parsing), which is achieved by players via both code restructuring and strategic solutions. Those who couldn’t get prepared for the change got frozen and went for retooling. We hope to see those who left return in coming seasons. The vacant space was quickly reclaimed by players with more flexible methods.

This hot competition scene saw some players forced out of their domains.

One of them was Persane[12]. When he was on the brink of surpassing Ranger[13] in the rankings, the latter struck and wiped him out. Similarly to xzhang[9], Persane didn’t mind building walls between his rooms (he built only outer rooms), which allowed the enemy to stage a blazingly fast attack. Everything was destroyed here:

Ranger also caused a lot of trouble to TooAngel[8] by demolishing the majority of his rooms and preventing him from rebuilding them. Later, together with ThyReaper[7], they pushed GiantZoc[5] out of his bunker.

Previously, The_General[10] entangled the sector E5S5 as an octopus. But now TooAngel has more badges here, and the last badge of The_General in E7S5 serves for reserving purposes only. Meanwhile, GiantZoc has completely moved into a new sector W15S25.

In this sector, retired[5] has fallen in an unequal battle with Hernanduer. He had to move farther from the leaders colonizing the sector (to W13N9).

Thanks to history playback feature you can now watch and share battles that happened in the past. For example, Rumatah[8] vs Vision[10] - link. A month has passed since that epic battle, and the links are certainly outdated now. That’s why, starting this month, we’ll record a video (screencast) of one featured battle per month and publish it on our YouTube channel. For this month, we've chosen the Ranger vs Persane battle mentioned above.

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