Screeps will launch publicly on August 12

So, the Early Preview stage is over! As planned from the beginning, we have regenerated the game world and wiped all the game data. GCL of all the players was also reset, since its upgrading speed had been artificially increased. In the new world map, some of the new conceptions are implemented that were deemed necessary seeing as the world evolved in the Early Preview.

Download the full map image

For example, you may now note that the world is divided into 10x10 room sectors with free "highways" to travel between them. Also, Source Keepers were moved from the rooms for settlement into special rooms in centers of sectors which may serve as an extra source of energy for your rooms. You will have to compete with other players in the same sector for controlling them.
The game will launch on August 12, 17:00 UTC. We recommend that you use our pre-order page prior to this moment to be able to occupy a perfect room instantly by the launch.
Certainly, not all the bugs and issues were solved in the Early Preview stage, and not all the improvements were implemented (for example, many of you guess what the Creep.carry is for, but the details will be revealed later). This is why we plan to set up a test server soon after the public launch where all of you can track the development process and be aware of all the updates coming to the main server.
Thanks for being with us!