Game situation review: August 3, 2015

As the Early Preview draws closer to an end, it's time to evaluate the game situation after two-month game world development (keeping in mind that the GCL upgrading speed was several times higher in the Early Preview). Hardcore "wipers" are on a vacation, but high level of competition still gives much room for battles. Let's see who has managed to grow to decent levels and recall the most interesting duels amidst the sweeping upgrade of all players.

Photo of the creep world from space:

Expansion Rank Top 10 for July:

Currently DarkTrooper holds the first place by the Expansion Rank with his 25 rooms in the South East, GCL 26, and good margins for expansion. His game is relatively calm at the moment, but he should keep on watch: Rumatah nearby (GCL 19) can make a new foray. In the middle of July there was a 2-day onslaught that left DarkTrooper7 without half of his colonies, but, as before, further onslaught didn't follow.

Rumatah has 4 rooms of level 8, as well as DarkTrooper7. Another strong player, AzuraStar, also has 4 8-level rooms. However, despite endless capabilities of extension building on level 8, nobody seems to feel enthusiastic about it so far.

Unlike other players with dense arrangement of rooms, AzuraStar (GCL 25) has settled the West very sparsely: some of his rooms are completely separated from the back support. He has defeated the following players on his expansion course: Genovese (GCL 9), nugarin (GCL 13), QzarSTB (GCL 14), vfcosta (GCL 13), reyss (GCL 13), Capitano_Trigger (GCL 5).

In the North West, ZorzZ (GCL 17) has entrenched near AzuraStar and even took a border room W7S1 from him. An "inner" room W7N4 changed owners several time. The adjacent W8N4 had been occupied by GrandonBroseph (GCL 14) before he went on his journey across the map. Farther to the North West there are some more well-developed players: Aurel (GCL 15) and lethallic (GCL 13), but they hasn't behaved aggressively.

A coalition of hesto2 (GCL 13) and ultramixerman (GCL 9) controls the center from the South and periodically cleanses their neighborhood from players emerging in it.

Avicenna (GCL 18) and reyss (GCL 13) have respawned in the North after their previous fails. Tullron (GCL 13) also respawned in the South in his previous home after reyss, but later followed his suit: loss of all spawns and slow extinction of controllers.

Avicenna has abandoned part of his rooms due to CPU economy or because he has not restored after the latest changes so far. We witness a similar abandonment in the realms of chris (GCL 15) and some other players too. Nevertheless, the main flatliners of the month that left all their rooms are: Icefalcon (GCL 12), and AmazingDreams (GCL 7). Perhaps, now with automatic spawn refill such things will happen less often.