Indiegogo update 2015-04-21

This post has been published at Indiegogo campaign on April 21, 2015.

Screeps has very simple graphics. This game is about programming rather than explosions, special effects, and textures. Chess has no brilliant graphics either, but Crysis has fewer players.

However, simplicity does not always mean sameness. Your creeps must have unique appearance to be different from other players' creeps even as they are small spots on the map. To achieve this, we have introduced a mechanism allowing you create your own badge. It is already online and working.

Your badge will be displayed on all your creeps, spawns, and structures. By selecting the look and shape of your icon and choosing three colors from the palette, you create a unique appearance of your creeps that will differentiate them from those of other players. Besides, your badge will be displayed on the world map on top of the rooms you control.



You can create your badge in your account settings right now.

In a very short time, we will announce the date of the private Early Preview launch. Follow the news!