Screeps World Review, July 2016

The last month has brought into Screeps a sea of brand new life as the world has got four times bigger! So don’t be too surprised if you ended up on the 1050th position after you were the 50th. The history has been divided into “before” and “after,” and many veterans started feeling the difference all too well.

It can safely be said that the project is now getting its second breath. Let’s see how the center of the map looked like in its youth, in the first month review. Let’s play the game ‘Find 10 positions that remain until today.’ Also, let’s capture the current map view for the history, for it will surely become unrecognizable in a year from now:

The top three players by ER swapped places, and DarkTrooper7[31] gets his first gold with record 384M points. He and other medalists, Hernanduer[32] and AzuraStar[33], involved in almost no fighting:

Danny’s June chart reveals old positions, while the current chart sees novice players reach the Top 30.

The PR Top lost TooAngel[20] who seems to be recovering after recent defeats (1 and 2). But this time we have Dissi[25] who proved to be one of the strongest players, so if he wants, he can make use of tons of power in the nearest future.

New sectors are well protected from outer world hazards, but they see fierce competition inside to quickly harden one’s character. On one hand, it allows you to drive all competitors out of your sweet green kindergarten, on the other hand, some less fortunate players will hardly survive in this Wild Programming West. Let’s see who has already managed to assert himself by capturing the entire block.

MarkusF[6] has reached the maximum level in a couple of rooms, while others are still on their way to top in the sector E15S25. Besides, rooms offer a nice set of minerals: there are along with the neutral , so he just has to obtain to have a full stack.

Stybbe[6] has built all the possible facilities. It’s not unlikely that he will compete in the Power Top after obtaining power. He’s also expanding towards the zero meridian through a no one’s sector W25S5. This way he can gain advantage in two sectors at once, as was once done by Zergling who dwells nearby.

After a few respawns, tedivm[6] set his heart on the south-western part of the sector E35N35 and marked his domain with “field marks” so that one can easily see who controls the region even without the Display options.

Sometimes players create this kind of art visible from space, like a real counter of defeated novice players from Heilos[3]:

Atavus[6] is now the last one to remain in his sector. However, he didn't reserve newly available rooms within several days, and the whole sector around him was again settled by newbies, and we’ll see whether Atavus is going to gain a worthy competitor or companion. What’s worse, Atavus has almost no defense walls which can backfire if someone attempts to lay his hands on this territory.

Looking at Adimus’[6] domain, one can hardly say that he’s got the greatest total RCL in sector E5S25. That’s because, unlike the majority of other players, he does snake-like turns. It’s interesting to watch if it just keeps crawling or strangle someone like a python.

Some more “monopolized” blocks worth watching:

A remarkable event in veterans' land: Pascow (GCL 13) has the only room in his domain left: W3N19. This spark seems to be deliberate, but it might be easily extinguished at the push of the red button. Here are some of his other rooms being taken to pieces:

Our monthly Featured Video highlights the attack of ThyReaper[20] on SubatomicBroton[2] and the following despawn of the latter, who decided to voluntarily leave the room due more to the perseverance of the attacker (or some diplomatic maneuvers unknown to us) than to his actual defeat in the conflict.