Changelog 2016-07-18

  • Changed downgrade timers for different Room Controller levels (CONTROLLER_DOWNGRADE constant):
    • RCL1: 20,000 ticks
    • RCL2: 5,000 ticks
    • RCL3: 10,000 ticks
    • RCL4: 20,000 ticks
    • RCL5: 40,000 ticks
    • RCL6: 60,000 ticks
    • RCL7: 100,000 ticks
    • RCL8: 150,000 ticks
    This affects only controllers downgraded after the patch. The current timers are not changed.
  • Fixed a bug in PathFinder module related to incorrect pathfinding near room borders in rare cases.
  • RoomPosition.lookFor(LOOK_TERRAIN) now returns an array with a single element as documented.
  • Fixed an issue┬áin the simulation that caused ticks slow down over time. Please report if you still experience this issue.