NPC Invader Raids

We have expanded the NPC Invaders system. Now, when the threat counter in a room runs out, there is a 10% chance that you will get not only a lone Invader but a whole company of them, from 2 to 5. Each Invader has its own role: melee attacker, ranged attacker, or healer. Ranged attackers are different from melee ones in their behavior: they try to stay at a distance from your creeps. The function of healers is evidently to heal other raid members. Also, some creeps may be boosted with , , , or . Sometimes the total healing effectiveness of such a raid will surpass the damage from several towers, so defense will prove to be very interesting.

These creeps will stop using rangedMassAttack, so in the majority of cases they won’t pose any threat to your buildings except ramparts and walls. The worst result for you would be the death of all your creeps in a room. Certainly, you should try to avoid this to keep your economy stable.

  RCL < 4 RCL ≥ 4