Power resource and new features

Dust-off your spawns, feed your creeps well, and stock up on energy - it’s time to go hunting!

We have launched the biggest gameplay update since the project launch. A new strategically important resource has emerged in the game called power. Producing this resource will require much more effort (both from your creeps and your programming skills) compared to energy mining, but the result is worth all the effort. Now only gathering and processing this resource are available, but in the future you’ll be able to use accumulated power points to build mighty power creeps with unique capabilities. When they appear in the game, you’ll be able to leverage all the processed power that will have been stored in your account from this day on.

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New structures

Three new structures have been added for players to construct:

  • Tower. Available on RCL 3 and higher. They are charged with energy and allow to remotely attack or heal creeps and repair structures. Their effectiveness is slightly lower compared with the same actions performed by creeps, but towers work across the entire room letting you save CPU on pathfinding and movements. The most effective work is achieved within 10 squares, then its action falls off within 40 squares. RCL 6 gives you one more extra tower, and at RCL 8 you have 4 available towers.
  • Observer. Available on RCL 8. Very useful for locating power bank sites, ground reconnaissance, and enemy movement tracking. With the help of the observeRoom method, you can schedule collection of data from the distant room in the range of 5 rooms from the observer location. The next game tick will make the Room object of the specified room available within your script. The more observers you get, the more rooms you can scan per tick.
  • Power Spawn. Available on RCL 8. An important structure allowing you to build power creeps in the future, when they become available. Currently it allows to processPower into your account. Each power unit requires 50 energy units. Processed power is registered in your account on a permanent basis in the same way as your Global Control Level.

Updated profile page

The profiles design has been improved. Now, when checking another player’s profile, you can see basic parameters of his or her economy. Besides, there is no need to ask where he is on the world map since all his rooms are displayed in his profile in the same way as at your Overview page.

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