Game situation review: September 5, 2015

The first season of the release version of the game has come to an end several days ago. Although it was not complete, players have already managed to build inpregnable strongholds, defeat less fortunate strongholds of others, and even experience a lot of interaction with each other in their mutual interest.

There are 9 opened sectors at the moment:

In our previous Early Preview reviews, we registered only top 10 players, though this time we have many more of them, so we'll do the Top 30:

The Expansion Rank August leader is chris (GCL 7), AzuraStar (GCL 7) follows him closely. The common thing about them is that they both have wiped the bronze leader DarkTrooper7 (GCL 7).

Therefore, DarkTrooper7 has become the most often killed player among the leading players, and besides, his defeat became the first military cooperation. Here are some screens of this battle:

It's noteworthy that Rumatah (GCL 5) has travelled very far to carry out his attack, so that his creeps had only 100-200 ticksTiLive left as he approached his target. Rumatah's other thrust against aggressor qthree (GCL 3) from a recently opened sector W15N5 resulted in a very close and equally successful attack.

Later on, chris focused on upgrading his controller and wasn't seen in any battles. Now he's been occupying some distant parts of the map:

After the sector E15N5 was opened, AzuraStar immediately tried to claim it, but DarkTrooper7 moved out to prevent it - and an epic battle broke out, AzuraStar vs DarkTrooper7:

After this battle, AzuraStar was keeping watch for long, amassing forces through two highways into his new base being built in E14N1. And now both AzuraStar and chris peacefully coexist in sector E15N5, while DarkTrooper7 possesses 5 rooms in it.

As DarkTrooper7 and NhanHo (GCL 6) have been staying without rampart defense for quite a long time, they didn't go on to attack each other. But Ranger (GCL 4) in E16N7-E18N7 for example was defeated. This sector is likely to become very hot soon.

AzuraStar has chosen the tactics of very sparse rooms. Their positions are consistent - near centers of different sectors, which has its pros and cons. His expansion into E5S5 also resulted in a fight, and this time it was halted by QzarSTB (GCL 6). This provoked an attack and destruction of a newfangled QzarSTB's base in W4N18.

Later on, rooms were restored from both directions. Now QzarSTB holds one of the strongest positions and is a leader in the number of extensions.

Totally, there are 10 rooms of level 8, but soon there will be dozens of them.

Another sector where AzuraStar has placed his branch, this time silently, is W5S5 (W6S3). It's noteworthy that his neighbours have badges with similar colors, which implies an alliance. Waveofbabies (GCL 5), Vertigan (GCL 5) and KEVIN (GCL 4) have already cleansed this sector of several other players. Red-white-blue badges are likely to multiply even more in this sector after the GCL increase.

One of the main aspects of the game is players cooperation. In future, there will be more interaction opportunities. Meanwhile, theAEmix (GCL 5) is the most notable in this regard:

    • Firstly, he was assisting AzuraStar in developing the room E3S4 by delivering energy from adjacent rooms.
    • Secondly, he himself found a "provider" in DXWarlock (GCL 4) who still sponsors his room E7N1.

Energy is the source of life, and the more effectively it is mined and used, the stronger a player. The transportation method most visible from above is "from hand to hand in a chain." This algorithm is utilized by AzuraStar, QzarSTB, and The_General (GCL 5).

The_General was the first one who endeavoured energy mining from protected sources, and did it pretty well, though currently he has paused his work with keepers. So as for now, nobody dares to face Source Keepers.

The_General's domain looks very impressive due to a dense placement in his only sector E5S5:

These riches once were on the brink of destruction: DarkTrooper7 seized the moment of coma but couldn't make it to the last spawn - The_General revived and repelled his attack.

A modest counterattack followed, but without much success.

The map is getting revealed more and more, players develop by leaps and bounds, new players come, others go or fall into a coma, fight remnants are notable in many places. Here are some scenes:

Soon we plan to launch a new function to playback history of any room. This will allow you to replay and see the most interesting moments on your own.