Changes in controllers management

We are about to implement some adjustments in the way rooms are captured and held in the game. The three following major adjustments will take into effect starting September 4, 12:00 UTC.

Сontinuous controller downgrade. All controllers, including those in rooms with a spawn, will continuously run a downgrade timer in the case when the Controller has not been affected by the upgradeController action in the current tick. Each run of the upgradeController resets the counter to the default value of 50,000 ticks for RC level 2 and above, or 20,000 ticks for RC level 1. The presence of a spawn in a room no longer has any bearing. Therefore, after a certain period of inactivity, a player loses the control of his or her room. Make sure that you upgrade your controllers from time to time to keep their levels!

Respawning in the same room prohibited. Respawning in the same room where the first spawn was placed will be prohibited within 3 days since the initial spawn placement. This applies only to a player who placed the spawn; other players are allowed to place their spawns in this room. And the 3-day period starts not from the respawn moment, but from the initial spawn placement. The respawn time-out itself remains unchanged: 3 minutes.

Neutral controllers reservation. Creeps will have a new method reserveController() that will allow them to temporarily block a neutral controller from claiming by other players. This method will be accessible only to creeps with at least 24xWORK and 1xCARRY body parts. Each tick, this command spends 2 energy units and increases the counter of the period during which the controller is unavailable by 2 ticks. The maximum reservation period to maintain is 5,000 ticks. A reservation involves defending not only from hostile creeps claiming, but also from respawning in this room.