Instructions for the Early Preview participants

The Early Preview stage pursues two goals:

  1. Find all possible bugs and technical issues that could be found before the open launch.
  2. Check the game balance and mechanics in order to avoid the possibility of wiping the game world due to any abuse in future.

If you have been invited to join the Early Preview, your are expected that you help us achieve these two goals. So, please, report any, however small, errors and omissions you may encounter as you play. You may do so by submitting a request or posting a message on our forum Technical Issues & Bugs. If you choose to post a message on the forum, please check first whether a similar report is already there. In this case, please leave your comment under the main thread with description of your individual case of this problem.

The game balance and experience are also to be tested in the Early Preview. We ask all the testers to send us your impressions and stories after you familiarize with the game. We'll rely on your stories to understand what should be adjusted in the game mechanics.

CPU Limit

We plan to accommodate quite a lot of players in the Early Preview which means a lot of load on the runtime scripts servers. So for now, we have limited the available CPU resources for players to 100 units. You may require more, but unfortunately we cannot offer more CPU to all the players since it may affect normal operation of the game during this preparatory stage. However, we are ready to do it in some individual cases.

Here is a way to secure for yourself a higher CPU limit during the entire Early Preview:

  1. Help us spread the word about the unique idea of Screeps! Describe your impressions in any social network (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.), forum or blog.
  2. Send us the public link (or a screenshot) to your post.
  3. Upon receiving your link, we'll gladly raise your CPU limit to 300 units.

Thanks for participating in the Early Preview!