Indiegogo update 2015-01-21

This post has been published at Indiegogo campaign on January 21, 2015.

Survival Leaderboard is live!

The work on the Survival Leaderboard is finally completed. Now you can sign up on the site and compete with other players for top ranks in the global leaderboard.



It is important to note that the Survival mode is now divided into two modes, as we have said. In the Simulation mode everything stays the same with one exception: your record is no longer saved and accounted in any way. To place your record in the leaderboard, you need to play the game in the standard mode (the Game section on the site).

At that, this ranked Survival mode works on the server and is technically equivalent to the online mode. It has no speed control, and your script is executed without regard to your presence in the game. In fact, the Survival mode rooms are real game world rooms, but just disconnected. Your script is executed in all accessible rooms simultaneously (you can access available rooms via the 'Game.rooms' variable).

Since the script in the ranked Survival mode is executed on the server, there is a 100 CPU limit for each player.

Another amazing new feature we just added is GitHub integration. By linking your GitHub account you can set up automatic and instant copying of your code from any repository into your Screeps account. It can prove to be very handy in case you want to use your favorite IDE or write scripts in transpiled languages like CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Haxe, or even ES6 JavaScript with Traceur.

Please note that since this update is very latest, some issues may occur. We will be happy to know about them from you at Thanks for being with us!