Changelog 2015-05-13

  • Breaking change: Exit objects removed from the game. Now all non-wall border squares (i.e. with x or y equal to 0 or 49) are treated as exits.
  • Breaking change: Deprecated methods Game.getRoom, RoomPosition.findNearest and RoomPosition.equalsTo removed from the API.
  • Breaking change: All constants removed from the deprecated Game scope. Now they are accessible only through the global scope.
  • Added new error constants ERR_RCL_NOT_ENOUGH and ERR_GCL_NOT_ENOUGH.
  • Added new structure type constant STRUCTURE_CONTROLLER.
  • Added new properties Structure.level, Structure.progressTotal, Structure.ticksToLive.
  • Added new property Room.controller.
  • Added new methods Creep.claimController, Creep.unclaimController, Creep.upgradeController.
  • Healer creeps can now heal themselves.

Welcome to Screeps Support Center!

We have launched a fully renewed support site!
Aside from API Reference, it now contains:
  • Community Forums – Place for any questions and discussing any topics related to the game.
  • Knowledge Base – Useful articles and insight about game mechanics and programming. The base will be updated on a constant basis.
  • Announcements – Here we'll keep you updated about all the news on the project (we recommend to follow it to be updated automatically).
We hope you'll find this new site more convenient to use.

Changelog 2015-04-07

Changelog 2015-03-01

Changelog 2015-01-11

  • TOUGH body part no longer requires a spawn extension. It is now possible to build a creep with up to 30 TOUGH parts without any extensions available.
  • Increased TOUGH body part cost from 5 to 20.
  • Increased wall hits amount from 2000 to 6000.