Indiegogo update 2014-11-26

This post has been published at Indiegogo campaign on November 26, 2014.

Short but important update following up the previous one. Please read carefully, it is important.

Many complained that our perks were hard to understand since it's unknown how much CPU was needed for comfortable playing. After hard thinking we decided to change the perk system in this campaign.

From now on, each perk will offer you certain amount of CPU Credits which you will spend on running your script real-time on our servers within a month. It's up to you how you will use your credits. You can run your scripts with any values from 30 to 300 CPU. For example, you can spend 240 CPU Credits on 1 month with 240 CPU, or 2 months with 120 CPU, or 8 months with 30 CPU. You can change the value at any moment right within a game.

The amount of memory and room history snapshots are now equal for all players (the exact amount will be known only after the Early Preview launches).

Perks Exclusive Badge and Own Room do not include CPU Credits anymore, but you can purchase them separately, if you wish.

All your currently purchased perks are saved, so if you are content with your current perks, no actions required. However, if you want to change your perk for one of the new ones, just email us at from the address you used for signing up on Indiegogo. Choosing a new perk, keep in mind that all who has already backed the campaign by this moment have access to all new Early Bird perks!

We hope that this modified policy will be more appealing to you.